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Sudan/South Sudan Policy Briefs

Sudan and South Sudan are the site of one of the most challenging and costly international peacekeeping, humanitarian and development efforts in the world. Following a successful referendum, a newly-independent South Sudan is consolidating its independence but facing tension on the status of the area of Abyei and complex negotiations on oil, debt, the North-South border, and citizenship which underline the risk of renewed conflict. In this series of briefs, NSI examines policies of key donors on: the election/referendum, its aftermath and humanitarian access in Darfur; peace education in South Sudan;?challenges to?reforming the South Sudan police service;?and, questions of migration and development.


Policy Brief:?game đánh bạc online Police Reform in an Independent South Sudan, by Jennifer Erin?Salahub (NSI), July 2012.

Policy Brief:?Educating for Peace in South Sudan,?by Jenny Becker and Awad Ibrahim, April 2012.

Policy Brief:?Improving Health Systems with the South Sudanese Diaspora: An Alternative Model for International Development??by Barbara MacLaren (NSI), April 2012.

Discussion Document:?Uneasy Neighbours: The Elusive Quest for Peace and Stability in the Sudans, by David Gillies, October 2011.